Activities In Francorchamps

Suggested activities

Discover the activities around Francorchamps of a beautiful region.

Mountain bike tour with guide

Do you love nature? Do you like cycling tours? Then this activity is just the thing for you! Discover our exciting mountain bike tours under the supervision of a guide. Michel will show you the most beautiful corners of our region. A unique experience in connection with nature that you can enjoy during your stay with us.

La Fromenade.

Are you an epicurean hiker? Discover the ingenious concept of "La Fromenade". Reserve your cheese fondue "to go" and take it with you on your favorite hike or one of the suggested walks. A tempting and sporty concept that will delight young and old alike.

Le Relais de Pommard

Treat yourself to a culinary break at Le Relais de Pommard. It is located a short distance from the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit and our mill. Our restaurant is a true invitation for food lovers. Meat enthusiasts will be delighted with juicy entrecotes, some weighing up to a kilo for the most daring. But the menu doesn't stop there. It is brimming with delicious dishes, all made with fresh and quality ingredients.

This is the perfect place to savor delightful moments. Come and discover the authentic flavors of the region in a welcoming setting.