The history of our mill

Discover the history of our property.

To you noble lords and ladies, servants and maids, brave travelers, greetings!

You have just crossed the doorstep of one of the oldest houses in Moulin du Ruy. Five centuries ago, in 1529, the mill is already mentioned, but it is not until 1561 that its owner, "Johan du Grand Pré, Moulnier", is spoken of in the archives of the Ban de Roanne, The archives of the Ban de Roanne, were kept within the walls of Stavelot Abbey. This Ban mill - i.e. a mill owned by the Ban de Roanne - was probably the most important and most frequented place in the village. All the inhabitants, without exception, gathered here to have the grains of their harvest ground. Ideally situated on the Roannay, a small stream that flows down from Francorchamps and flows into the Amel. Initially powered by paddles, the mill was developed over the years. Beautiful rye and oat flour was ground in the mill. Bread was baked in the parlour. As a stopover for many travelers, one could even rest and spend the night here.

The millers followed one after the other and each left his mark. Each brought his own enthusiasm and technical changes helped to improve the daily life of a whole village. Shortly after the First World War, a turbine replaced the waterwheel and a generator and transformer provided electricity in almost all houses, farms and in the alleys. A large band saw also made it possible to cut trees from the forests that were destined for the construction of the surrounding farmhouses and stables. 

Pigs, sheep and poultry were slaughtered in the large hall - today the entrance hall. Occasionally a beautiful ox that had ended its life in the field or a cow was cut up, so the display of the butcher's shop was richly filled.  The miller appreciated the versatility of his activities! 

He made A Vî Molin a place of meeting and exchange. People talked about everything and nothing, between two sacks of flour the wheel was reinvented. 

Based on this rough but authentic past, we want to continue the tradition, of hospitality and courtesy. We would like to welcome our guests in an unmistakable nature that, if respected, offers peace and well-being in the rhythm of the seasons.


To welcome you, we offer three rooms.

The first is the room of « Catherine, relicte de Hubert de Cour » also "à lu ptite finièsse". Like the lady who  lived here, it is modest and has a soothing naturalness. Through the small window in the thick quarry stone wall, the morning sun will tickle you out of sleep and invite you for a walk.

The second room is by  and can accommodate a family of four. It consists of a large room with a double bed and a smaller room with two comfortable sofa beds. It is possible to add a baby crib. et peut héberger une famille de quatre personnes. Elle se compose d’une grande chambre avec son lit double et d’une plus petite avec deux couchages et la possibilité d’y joindre un lit d’enfant. 

The third room is dedicated to « Martin et Franchoy » the two miller's sons. They say that both of them have their heads in the stars. They even removed individual roof tiles to be able to observe the Milky Way. We have kept the skylight and enlarged it a little so that you too can reach for the stars. 

A private, comfortable bathroom completes each of the rooms. The planks and straw sacks have given way to soft beds where you will find a well-deserved rest. Technology is also present, guaranteeing the link between feudalism and modern life.

Vî Molin, as soon as the cock crows, all you have to do is go down the oak staircase and you are in the dining room. 

"Good morning, please sit down!" A breakfast is waiting for you. It consists of crispy fresh buns, regional products, cheese, cold cuts and delicious jams and much more! Coffee, tea or chocolate is served with it. Everything you need to have a good start to the day. Whether you want to rest or go for a hike, it's up to you.

If you decide to go on a bike tour, Michel will be happy to guide you through forests, valleys and streams on an electric mountain bike. The region and the surrounding countryside offer a wealth of routes for all calves, from the tenderest to the strongest. Unplug and head out to enjoy the fresh air and wonders of nature.

If you prefer to stay on the property, you can relax in the whirlpool, under the large trees, shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Â Vî Molin" seems to be away from any civilization, and at the same time so close to varied activities. We would be happy to contribute to an enjoyable and invigorating stay at " Vî Molin"!